Is Immersive Travel Right for You?

Is Immersive Travel Right for You?

By Christine Sarkis, | April 7, 2015

Travel Advice WebsiteThe perfect way to reinvent your next vacation is by taking on one of the year’s hottest travel trends – immersive travel. It offers travelers the chance to get to know a destination and its way of life by combining the novelty of new experiences and actual skill building.

Although immersive travel can allow you to be a part of something you love or something you’ve always been curious about, this trend isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s the opposite of the traditional cocktail-and-beach-read vacation as it can be demanding and intense. Here are seven ways to tell if you should dive head first into an immersive travel experience or hang back at the water’s edge courtesy of!

Meet People Who Share Your Passions
Whether you’re building your own boat with master craftspeople or spending the week alongside a French chef, you’ll be surrounded with other immersive travelers who care as deeply about the task at hand as you do.

Return Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk
After a stint in an immersive travel environment, you’ll come home with a newfound knowledge that adds depth to your passion. Be it boat building, cooking or wine making, you’ll find a new love and understanding of your passion.

Get Ready to Sweat
Immersive traveling usually requires rigorous physical activity, even those that aren’t particularly athletic. Due to the limited time period, each day tends to be full of hard work and long hours requiring you to be ready to immerse your mind, body and spirit in your pursuit.

You’ll Call it Home
On this type of experiential vacation, you’re not just learning a new skill or a way of life, you’re placing yourself in the middle of a new destination. From unlocking the secrets of Sonoma Valley at its annual Grape Camp, to discovering abandoned settlements in Newfoundland and Labrador and tracking elusive snow leopards on an I Like Local’s Trek the Himalaya’s trip, you’ll get to know your new surroundings very quickly.

Get Exclusive Access
A benefit to many immersive travel experiences is working alongside masters of their craft. The chance to go behind the scenes is usually reserved for VIPs, but when you’re on an immersive vacation, it’s all in a day’s work. You’ll learn more about your passions straight from the experts.

Immersive Traveling Is Like Camp! (Well, Sort of)
From structured mealtimes, to camaraderie and working towards a common goal, you may start to feel like you’re back at summer camp. The fun atmosphere and feeling of excitement that comes with each new day will bring back memories of your childhood at the peak of your summer adventure.

You May Leave Your Day Job
The work may be challenging and the experience will be authentic rather than romanticized, but it’s hard not to come away inspired by the people you’ll meet who are living their dreams. Already thinking about a change? Immersive travel is the perfect way to test new boundaries and begin to follow your dreams.

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