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Saving on Travel with Home Sharing | April 8, 2015
Home Sharing TipsHome sharing is a  trend in the travel industry that’s quickly gaining attention and leading the way is We had the chance to sit down with Jim Pickell, President of

First, Jim explains what sets apart from other lodging suppliers. With 65,000 listed homes in 150 countries, there’s something for everyone. “The concept is simple – I stay in your home and you stay in mine…it’s a great way to travel for free.”

Although not just a family focused service, using is great for families who enjoy the conveniences of a home. Jim uses his family as an example: “I can bring my kids to a multi-bedroom home with a kitchen, [where] we prepare all our meals at home. We can enjoy the toys and other amenities [left by the resident children] and we don’t need three, four or five hotel room nights. So it saves us quite a bit of money and it’s really more enjoyable.”

When we asked Jim why more families do this, he says it’s not all about money. “It really changes the way they travel,” he starts, “they really get to feel at home wherever they are.” With child care items included, as well as a car in most cases, the home exchange trend is popular not only because of its cost efficiency, but also its feeling of security while on the road. allows travelers to enjoy a more immersive, “live like a local” experience during their trip.

As good as it sounds to start, there are common misconceptions that come with this home sharing trend. From safety to finding someone to share homes with, Jim answers them all. “You never have a stranger in your home,” he says, “from asking what kind of milk you’d like to see in your fridge to welcome notes, you really create a bond through the process.”

To find out more about sharing your home and the benefits, watch the full interview here.

Fore more information on home sharing and how to get involved in the evolving travel trend, visit!

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