Luxury Family Travel Trends & Tips for 2015
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Luxury Family Travel Trends & Tips for 2015

By Bettina Gordon, Editor |

To get the Luxury FBettina Logoamily Travel Trends for 2015, I spoke to industry veteran John Golicz, CEO and founder of the famed U.S. based Travel & Adventure Show Series. Here are his top 5 travel tips to create lasting memories in style:

Have the Whole Family Travel With You
“40% of families went on a multi-generational trip last year, 77% of them planned their getaway around a milestone event,” says Golicz, who ventured to the Dominican Republic with 14 family members in tow. Nowadays, grandparents, parents and grandchildren are separated by distance and a lack of time, to have the opportunity to bring the whole family together is a luxury in itself.”Vacations are seen as the one time when families can get together and bond,” says Golicz, “and because of the internet and smartphones, it never has been so easy to get multiple generations on the same page with flights, booking accommodations, vacation rentals and so forth.” A great benefit of multigenerational travel is the downtime it can provide for parents. Having built in babysitters on a family vacation is definitely the way to go.

Rent Private Homes
Vacation rental sites are definitely a growing luxury family travel trend in the industry. Getting a vacation rental all to yourself can give you the together time you crave, as well as the needed space when everyone is traveling together. For a list of John Golicz’s favorite luxury vacation rental sites, click here.

Experiences Designed for Kids
Most of us are familiar with excursions and programs geared towards adults, now many places are offering these services created specifically for kids. “To differentiate themselves from their competition, more and more prestigious hotels and some vacation rentals now offer special services to their young jet-setters,” says Golicz. There are options for teenagers looking to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, culinary classes for children under 10 and even yoga retreats for kids looking to find their inner peace. For a list of some of these luxury family travel experiences for children, click here.

Put A Focus on History and Culture
International family travel is on the rise, especially for those with household incomes of $125,000 or higher. Traveling to foreign locations and trying things like a cruise in the Mediterranean or an African safari are quickly becoming the norm for families. “Anytime you can expose your children to new cultures you help them later on in life, because this exposure breaks down barriers and stereotypes and opens their eyes.” Says Golicz. Golicz and his wife recently ventured to London and Paris with their three children. When planning for this luxury family travel adventure, the children were involved in creating the itinerary and contributed some unexpected stops. Of course, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben were on the list, but the kids also chose to venture to Churchill’s War Room in London and on the Sewer Tour in Paris. The memories created on this trip are sure to last a lifetime for the Golicz family.

Hire A Local Tour Guide
When planning your luxury family travel experience, Golicz suggests hiring a tour guide. “I am a big believer in hiring a professional, personal tour guide. In just half a day, you are more likely to discover off the beaten path treasures, learn about your new surroundings and get an authentic experience for the whole family.” Check out and, which are sites designed to help you find the right guide.

Insider Tip: If your part is 6 or more, ask about group rates!

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