The 9 Streets: Amsterdam
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The 9 Streets: Amsterdam

Over the past ten years, a sophisticated shopping area has emerged along nine alleyways of the Amsterdam canal belt. The area is called “The 9 Streets” and it is brimming with quirky shops, cafes and restaurants. While some chain stores have started to invade, independent brands and local designers have held their ground. Here are some of our favorites:


1. Denham Men (Runsraat 18)

The 9 Streets of Amsterdam


There are several shops in the area by this local brand, but the men’s shop has a funky vibe and a more focused collection. Come here for the best jeans you will find anywhere, made with Japanese and Italian fabrics. They have a custom tailor on hand to make sure your new threads fit just so and a courtyard with old-fashioned dye tubs.

2. PRJCT AMS (Gasthuismolensteeg 18)

This shop has an eponymous line of classics including T-shirts, sweaters and jackets, plus selections from independent European designers.

3. One Man Show (Huidenstraat 32)

A recently opened concept store about the size of a closet, it features edgy men’s clothing by a young Dutch designer.

4. The Frozen Fountain (Prinsengracht 645)

On the periphery of the area, the Frozen Fountain is an exquisite home accessories and furniture store featuring Dutch and international designers. In addition, there is an array of items, like chess sets and iPad cases, which you will find irresistible.

5. Mensocks (Runsraat 6)

As you might guess, this store is all about socks and the variety and selection is overwhelming.

6. Haar Barbaar (Wolvenstraat 35)

Happen to need some grooming while in Amsterdam? Come here for a cut and shave in a vintage atmosphere.


Food & Drink:

1. Pluk

When you’re feeling a bit peckish from all of that shopping, head to Pluk (Reestraat 19) for organic snacks, fresh juices and coffee.

2. Burgerlijk

For a quick lunch go to Burgerlijk (Runstraat 1), where you can join the Dutch version of the burger craze that seems to be sweeping over Europe.

3. Jansz

9 Streets Jansz


Jansz (Reestraat 8), which is part of the Pulitzer Hotel, is an elegant option for dinner and the adjacent Pulitzer Bar was just named one of the best in the world.


4. Kaaskamer

9 Streets Kaas


If you are looking for cheese, avoid the ubiquitous Amsterdam Cheese Company stores and head to Kaaskamer (Runstraat 7), where you will find the finest selection of cheeses, sausages and other sundries.

5. “Brown Bars”

Despite all of the changes during recent years, traditional “brown bars”–cozy pubs where you can grab a beer and some snacks–still dot the area and serve as a reminder of the neighborhood’s past.

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Paul Bachant, Insider Voyges | June 23, 2016

The 9 Streets

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