Samantha Brown’s Advice for Females Traveling Alone
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Samantha Brown’s Advice for Females Traveling Alone got to interview Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host, at the 2015 Travel & Adventure Show. She shares her top three tips for women who are traveling solo to ensure safety while having an amazing time.

Brown’s first tip is to be aware of the temperature they days you’ll be visiting. She explains not only is it good to know whether you need a snow parka or shorts to be comfortable, but to be sure you are appropriately dressing according to that countries customs. For instance, if you are traveling to Southeast Asia where the temperature is 95 degrees, you wouldn’t want to dress in shorts and a tank top with exposed knees and shoulders because of their customs. So to ensure the safety of female travelers, Brown expresses the importance of knowing the countries specific customs when it comes to dress, and make sure you are dressing appropriately while remaining comfortable.

The next tip Brown talks about is visiting a user generated website, such as, where visitors can read experiences from other women who have been to the area you are visiting. More specifically, the Thorn Tree Forum shares travel information, advice and tips from fellow travelers to stay up to date on the weather, news, or other local happenings you might be interested in.

Lastly, Brown says to have a great time. She absolutely loves being alone as a female traveler because she gets to experience so much more by meeting new people and having real conversations with them. People open up to her more, even inviting her into their homes and to tables at restaurants. She makes a point to never shy away from traveling alone as a female, ever. Traveling alone might be intimidating to some, but as long as you are prepared and have a yearning to keep an open mind, you will have a great time.

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