10 Reasons to Visit Malta in 2016

Visit Malta 2016

What is the best-kept travel secret in the Mediterranean?  We give you the top 10 reasons to experience a Road Scholar adventure and visit Malta in 2016:

1.     English is a National Language.  A hundred and fifty years of British administration left their mark in newspapers, signage and local resident conversations (although these can change from English to Italian to Maltese and back again in the same sentence.)

2.     It’s Easy to Get There.  Just 60 miles south of Sicily, Malta is an independent republic and part of the European Union.  Air Malta flies its own fleet and code shares to every major capital in Europe.

3.     You’ve Probably Already Seen Bits of It. Malta and its sister island Gozo have been filming locations for television and big screen block-busters like By the SeaGladiatorTroy and the HBO original series Game of Thrones — that’s just the start of a long list.

4.     Explore the Oldest Freestanding Buildings in the World.   Nowhere else can you walk within stone walls, raised by a mysterious artistic society more than 1,000 years before the pyramids were built in Egypt.

5.     The World’s Highest Concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  For 7,000 years, Malta has been occupied by every major force that ever sailed the Mediterranean.  Each has left its legacy in the architecture and in the people of the islands.  From Phoenicians and Romans and the Sovereign Hospitaller Knights of St. John, to English naval troops and American convoy officers during WW2.

6.     365 Churches. Malta today is 98% Roman Catholic.  Medieval chapels dot little rubble-walled fields and picturesque villages hub around the church as the center of family life.

7.     It’s a Beautiful Place. Abundant sunshine and a brilliant view of the sea from nearly every angle combine with the creamy local limestone to color the light around you.

8.     Everything is Accessible.  Less than 20 miles long and nine miles across, this open-air-museum of a country lets visitors hub from one comfortable hotel for the duration of their stay. 

9.     Visit Malta to Experience an Easy Country that is Off-the-Beaten Path. Most tourists have been to Europe – but it’s still rare to find someone in America who has traveled to Malta. Yes, there is McDonald’s and a Hilton Hotel, free Wi-Fi and all the comforts of home.  Yet, word-of-mouth is the only advertising on this side of the Atlantic.

10.     The Maltese are Warm, Friendly People, Eager to Share Their Rich Heritage and a Joke.  There’s something about an islander that just puts a person at ease.

Road Scholar is proud to be the largest not-for-profit provider of learning adventures in Malta.

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