France Travel Tips – 3 Hidden Gems You Need to Visit

France Travel Tips – 3 Hidden Gems You Need to Visit

As an incredibly diverse country- especially considering its size- France has more to visit than anyone could see in a lifetime. Often overshadowed by the cities or by more famous places, we give you three places in France you haven’t heard of, but that need to be on your next itinerary:

1. Bagneres-de-Luchon

This spa town in the Midi-Pyrenees region is something that can’t be missed. Besides being at the foot of the impressive Pyrenees mountain range, it is also the region’s most famous spa town because of its Vaporium. As the only natural hammam in Europe, the Vaporium offers a unique and relaxing experience to visitors.

2. La Dune du Pilat

As the tallest sand dune in the entire European continent, La Dune du Pilat (also written Pylat) is one of the most beautiful sites on the Atlantic coast of France. Located on the Basin d’Arcachon in the diverse region of Aquitaine, the dune is not only an awe-inspiring height, but it is also breathtakingly gorgeous. When you stand at the top of the dune, you will see on one side, the impossibly blue ocean, and on the other, an evergreen pine forest.

3. Auvergne Volcanoes National Park

Dormant volcanoes decorate the landscape of the often-ignored region of Auvergne. This national park is the perfect place for nature lovers looking for amazing hikes, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Because it has been around 6,000 years since the last recorded volcanic activity, there is absolutely no risk to visitors. The volcanoes have also given way to incredible natural hot springs, including the Chaudes Aigues in the Cantal -the hottest in the continent.

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