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The World’s Weirdest Toilets
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The World’s Weirdest Toilets

World's Weirdest Toilets: What to Expect When it comes to toilets, they certainly are not the same in every country! For example, the leading country in technology, Japan, has toilets that are a lot more high-tech than you'd ever imagine. Fast Cover looked into some of the most interesting toilets around the world. This infographic examines some of the most interesting and unique ...
Bali Travel Tips
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Bali Travel Tips

Bali Travel Tips Make sure you're educated about the most common risks and dangers in Bali before you travel there! This infographic is packed with genuinely practical Bali travel tips to help travelers stay safe, stay healthy, and stay out of trouble. Be prepared and avoid the risks! The Bali Survivor Board Game is designed to give you the information you need to enhance your travel experience in Bali. ...
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Is Turkey Safe for Travel?

Is Turkey Safe for Travel? Although every traveler should pay attention to warnings issued by the government, you should feel held back from experiencing any vacation you desire.  Being alert and aware of your surroundings, along with the risks and dangers associated with your destination, is important and necessary to ensure maximum safety while traveling.  This guide brought to you by Fast Cover ...
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Online Scams – Aussies Hit by Canadian Working Holiday Visa Scams

Aussies Hit by Canadian Working Holiday Visa / Online Scams Australian travel insurance company Fast Cover is urging Aussies heading to Canada for the snow season to beware of a new round of online scams. The latest online scams include websites and phishing emails that coax travelers into paying exorbitant application fees for fake visas and guaranteed entry into Canada. “No one can guarantee entry ...
2016’s Genius Travel Hacks
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2016’s Genius Travel Hacks

Genius Travel Hacks Here it is! We've compiled 2016's most genius travel hacks and tips. These travel tips and tricks will help make your vacation simpler and more importantly, cheaper! After analyzing over 500 travel articles, we found the most up-to-date, widely shared and useful tips for travelers. Check out the best apps and gadgets to save money and improve your traveling experience. Want more tips ...
Top Tips for Traveling While Pregnant
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Top Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Concern for the Zika virus has renewed travellers focus on ‘babymoons’, a holiday taken by pregnant women to relax before the arrival of their newborn. But the Zika virus is not all that pregnant women have to consider before they go on their babymoon. If you search for tips and advice for women going on a babymoon online you will immediately find over 500,000 results on Google. There are a lot of ...
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Travel Tips

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