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Gay Tours For Fall

The fall is a lovely time to travel, especially on a small group tour. An important reason is that the weather is reliably fabulous especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Also the crowds tend to be thinner in popular destinations. Children are in school where they belong and not scampering around underfoot. Here are four for your consideration brought to you by ManAboutWorld.

David Statue at Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo Square), built in 1869 and designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi on a hill just south of the historic center, on the left bank of the Arno river in Florence, Italy. Photo courtesy of Oscar Wilde Tours.
David Statue at Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo Square), built in 1869 and designed by architect Giuseppe Poggi on a hill just south of the historic center, on the left bank of the Arno river in Florence, Italy.

Oscar Wilde Tours
The folks at Oscar Wilde Tours take you on a tour of Italy that explores the splendors all travelers must see while revealing the gay side that very few visitors see. From Rome to Naples to Sorrento to Florence with other stops along the way, enjoy ancient and modern Italy and uncover a vast storehouse of gay history memorialized in stone, painting and bas-relief right there before your unbelieving eyes. Tour leader and professor Andrew Lear is a fantastic guide: erudite and personable with a trove of history, gay and straight. 

Venture Out
Nestled into the Himalayan Mountains between Tibet and India, Bhutan is one of the most exotic — and most intriguing — destinations in the world today, a place that few outsiders have had the privilege of visiting. In this mystical and mountainous land of deities and demons, awaiting you are ethereal fortresses, red-robed monks, a thriving Buddhist culture, and gorgeous scenery. It takes effort but that’s why you go with an expert like VentureOut which employs local contacts who are members of the gay Bhutanese community.

HE Travel
What are you going to tell your parents? You and your honey are spending Thanksgiving in Tanzania! The gay Tanzania Safari Tour explores one of the most well-preserved wilderness areas on earth. Culture is the essence and spirit of this nation, which has quite an extensive array of contiguous game reserves and national parks. Animals truly rule in Tanzania, and the area is free of modern civilization.

Departures on demand
Brendan Vacations
Brendan Vacations lead the original gay tour to Ireland in 2003. In celebration of the historic marriage equality referendum, Brendan now offers an all-new itinerary for LGBT travelers at several price points depending on budget. Ireland has always had a reputation for having a cheerful and inviting culture, stunning landscapes, ancient architectural marvels and those yummy copious breakfasts. But the overwhelming support they’ve demonstrated for their gay brothers and sisters puts a giant exclamation point after “You’re welcome.” Stay with Brendan in real-life medieval Ashford Castle, the crown jewel of Ireland’s most iconic hotels. Check the site or your travel professional for options.

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Photos: Courtesy Oscar Wilde Tours


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