Adventure Travelers Explore the Great Outdoors of Israel

Adventure Travelers Explore the Great Outdoors of Israel

By Israel Ministry of Tourism | July 22, 2015

Israel_Logo_2014Israel is deservedly known for its wealth of ancient sites of historical and spiritual import, as well as its high-tech sophisticated metropolises. But your adventures in Israel needn’t be limited to the cities! A country just about the size of New Jersey, Israel is an outdoor adventure tourism destination unlike any other.

Hike the Length of the Country
From north to south, adventure travelers can trek through awe-inspiring natural wonders amidst historical sites. Northern Israel’s lush green Galilee region boasts a melange of ancient sites and hiking paths which are now part of the new Gospel Trail, a 40-mile walking route making stops to holy sites from the time of Jesus, including Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha and Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee.

Courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism
Courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism

Take A Dip in Three Seas
Tiny Israel offers water-loving adventure travelers the unique opportunity to swim, surf, snorkel, dive and otherwise frolic in three different stunning seas – the Mediterranean, Dead and Red Seas – all within the span of a day or two. From the saline-rich waters of the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth at 1,388 below sea level) to the lively water sports scene on the Mediterranean shorelines to the underwater haven for tropical fish and colorful coral reef at Eilat on the Red Sea, there is nothing quite like swimming in Israel.

Climb the Summit of an Ancient Fortress
Adjacent to the Dead Sea is the epic Masada, a 2,000 year old fortress built by Kind Herod and one of Israel’s most popular outdoor adventure tourism destinations. Some travelers opt for the scenic cable-car ride up to the top of Masada, but adventure-seekers will love the challenge of climbing the “Snake Path” to the top – and enjoying the reward of the awe-inspiring sweeping views of the Dead Sea and Judean Desert from the top.

Courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism
Courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism

Explore Israel, From Grotto to Cave to Canyon
From Rosh HaNikra, a cliff-side beach to Israel’s northern tip with its unique collection of underwater grottos, to Ein Avdat National Park near Masada (a gorgeous canyon with various hiking and climbing trails and pristine natural streams) to the southern Mizpe Ramon, the world’s largest naturally formed crater, and Timna National Park, a moon-like desert park with hiking trails and spectacular rock formations – adventure travel enthusiasts can explore the many facets of Israel’s natural splendor.


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