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Morocco Activity Guide

9 Crazy Things To Do In Morocco

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Even the whispers of Morocco paint colorful images of all the exotic elements in our minds. Morocco is a land of vibrant colors, soothing aromas, age-old cultures and lots of energetic zest. Mountainous landscapes, arid deserts, and a stretching coastline make Morocco a stunning international destination. This adventurous destination cannot be missed if you enjoy chills and thrills the most. Here go some crazy adventures to be had in Morocco, you must add to your tempting bucket list.


Taste the Tangy Oranges

Morocco Tourism Guide often recommends a visit to the exotic courtyards and those tangled alleys. Enjoy the crazy experience of tasting the tangy oranges. Moroccan orange is famous all over the world. The original refreshing taste is crisp and has a citrusy flavor to offer. You can skip the practice of carrying that little bottle of water. After tasting those tangy flavors, you wouldn’t feel like getting back to those bottles of water.


Staying in Riads

Next on our Morocco Activity Guide are the Hotels. Hotels in Morocco increase continually with the rising popularity of the place as an international tourist destination. But, nothing can beat that crazy feeling of spending those nights at a Riad- a traditional house of Moroccan Style within its Medina (The Old City). Checking into the Riad is perhaps the easier way to get acquainted with the Moroccan traditions. The walls inside the Riads are embellished with Moroccan rugs. Enjoy a breakfast amidst bright sunshine in central courtyards. Irrespective of the things you look for- romantic getaways, luxurious weekends or backpacking holidays- you can always find that Riad which fits into your budget with ease. That cozy room with the fireplace is just perfect.


The Camel Ride through the Deserts

camel in Morocco desert

A glimpse into the nomadic world is sure to woo you at large. Climbing into that saddle of the hardy camel for that perfect desert exploration will be full of wonders in Morocco. Bonding with the camel is a kind of nature’s feast for your eyes. A journey through the unforgiving terrains is a symbol of crazy adventures. Sail through the arid desert for that rarest experience of a lifetime.


Camp the Berber-Style within the Desert

Desert adventures revolve solely around crazy experiences. Sleeping under a blue starry sky can be the rarest experience of a lifetime. The traditional Berber-Style tents surrounded by an ocean of sand have a magical touch to offer. This kind of adventure is ideal for friends, families, couples and also solo travelers. Camping as rustic and luxurious remains highly desired. Spending a night the true nomadic style is simply spine-chilling. This way you get to understand the local culture and develop a special bond with the locals.


Hiking Through the Spectacular Todra Gorge

Travelers seeking those adrenaline pumping sessions will surely love this crazy hiking experience. Dusky pink, burnt orange, and scorched grey walls of the spectacular Todra Gorge is the travelers’ paradise. Hiking through this stunning gorge, you form treasured memories to cherish for a lifetime. The walls’ tower at a height of 300m above a narrow ravine adds to the natural beauty of this place. Experiencing a beautiful sundown by the clear riverside is nothing less than a wonder.


Strolling Through the Streets of the Stupefying Chefchaouen

Stupefying Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen is located amidst the magnificent Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen also called Chaouen comes with affordable accommodations. Above all else, its stunning beauty is a visual delight for the tourists. The streets, alleys, and most buildings are brilliantly painted with a sky-bluish tinge. The mountains that you witness towards the end of the cobbled streets are both majestic and rugged. The vague light during the evening time never fails to add that magical charm to this place. It is a beautiful spot to stroll through. Have a sip of the special mint tea of Morocco to taste the local flavors. Avoid Spanish tourists who have already discovered the charms to keep the mystery intact.


Join Cooking Classes to Discover Traditional Moroccan Flavors

This is a crazy activity that you must indulge in. The Moroccan Cuisine is largely influenced by Turkish and the native Berber cuisines. It includes Middle-Eastern flavors as well. A fusion of the different tastes imparts a soothing aroma that allures you at large. There are several Riads offering cooking classes and workshops to attend in Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouira. A full-day cookery workshop allows you to purchase local fresh ingredients. You can then indulge in making the traditional tagine or the couscous dish. This is a very lovely way of immersing oneself into the Moroccan traditions.


Surfing in Morocco

Morocco has been attracting surfers since ages. Winter months are a good time for the enthusiastic surfers when the air and water temperatures remain mild. Taghazout is a renowned surfing town lying north of famous Agadir. Kite surfers head towards the beaches of a lovely town named Essaouira. But its waves here are not very consistent. Dakhla has also been very popular with the kite surfers.


Trekking Through the Sky-High Atlas

The Atlas Mountain Ranges stretches over fifteen hundred miles from the West Coast of Morocco to Tunisia. Popular treks originate from Imlil, about an hour’s drive from the city of Marrakech. This spine-chilling adventure cannot be missed at any cost. But, you must be in robust health if you wish to climb uphill. The Ourika Valley has a perfect day tour to offer. The Valley gently slopes down the beautiful Ourika River. The Valley ends with Setti Fatma, which is home to The Seven Waterfalls. You may end this trek with a quick stroll through the Splendid Ksar Ait Ben Haddou.


Sarah Bennett | December 15, 2017

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