Exploring Attractions in Valencia, Spain

Exploring Attractions in Valencia, Spain

By The Tourist Office of Spain | July 14, 2015

logo-I-need-Spain-hi-res-300x172Few cities like Valencia are able to combine so harmoniously the vestiges from remote periods (dated to 138 BC) with the most innovative and avant-garde buildings that were erected in the new millennium. Valencia is trade and culture, cinema, theater, museums, music, business and more. It is the center of international and cutting edge design and one of the busiest cities for fairs and congresses in Europe. Here are some ideas for you to enjoy the best attractions of the city.

Paella With A View
The Arabs introduced rice in town, paving the way for the signature dish of Valencia and a symbol of Spanish cuisine worldwide – paella. You can try it in one of the restaurants located in the Playa de las Arenas area with panoramic sea views.

Living Las Fellas
Living our most international festival, Las Fallas, is to vibrate with a “Mascleta.” Get excited about the offering and enjoy the satire and humor of more than 400 Fallas monuments that crown streets and plazas across the city from March 15-19. At this attraction in Valencia, Spain, a 24-hour party awaits you. With holiday fireworks, rock concerts and verbenas (or fairs) at every corner of the city, you can’t miss this amazing celebration!

The coolest sip: Do not miss out on the popular drink made with fruit that is grown only in the Valencian countryside – the chufa (tiger nut). This beverage is so good it’s considered its own attraction in Valencia, Spain. Find your terrace to savor this drink in the heart of the city; you will enjoy it more!

Sun, Surf and Sand
There are outstanding beaches and dunes at Canet d’En Berenguer. This relaxing and residential shoreline is the perfect place to enjoy some sunshine and relax in the sand. Explore the less touristy atmosphere and immerse yourself in the local culture at this beautiful, calm setting.

There are so many things to explore and attractions to visit within Valencia, Spain that naming a few doesn’t do it justice. For more information on Valencia and other areas in Spain, please visit Spain.info.

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