10 Reasons to Visit South Africa
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10 Reasons to Visit South Africa

10 Reasons to Visit South Africa in Spring

There are countless reasons that you should visit South Africa, in fact South Africa should be on at least everyone’s top ten travel destination bucket list. In Spring, however South Africa really blossoms. South Africa is beautiful all year round, with almost perfect weather conditions, some of the most beautiful and diverse people in the world, with a rainbow nation of culture, art and design it’s no wonder it holds what has been voted the most beautiful city in the world… again, Cape Town.

With so much to do and see in the season of spring it’s no surprise that South Africa tourism industry is bursting at the seams if you haven’t been now is the time to visit South Africa.


1. The Wildlife


Visit South Africa


In South Africa, if there is a will there is a way and with so many different ways available there is almost no will required to see some of the world’s most infamous wild life, almost anywhere. However, in this warm season with its sweet smells and soft light you are in for something extra. Spring litters the wild plains with the fully offspring of animals both big and small, of both land and sky…and even the sea.  Now is your chance to encounter some of the youngest infamous wild life. To experience it book now at Samara Private Game Reserve


2. The Water Wildlife


whale out of water


Even if you stay on shore, the possibilities to see the migration of the Whales as the cross the beautiful coastlines. South Africa offers the best of land whale watching in the world and is the only place where you can track the whale from coastal foot paths, from restaurants, cafes and hotel rooms. Experience not only the famous the roam the land but also that of the sea when you visit South Africa.


3. Big Migrations

Spring is also host to of the largest migrations on earth.

The Great Mammal Migration



The Great Migration takes place among the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania and the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, with over a million wildebeest, gazelle and zebra journeying towards healthier grazing areas. This the most significant mass movement of land mammals on the entire globe. See it here at Safari.com


The Sardine Run


Sardine Run

One of the great global events of the marine calendar, which involves a vast number of sardine shoals moving north along the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal in numbers immeasurable by man.


4. The Flowers


south africa flower shot


Just an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town Namaqualand is host to the perfect place in which to view Mother Nature in all the glory as her spring flowers proudly braid vibrant colours of yellow and white covering 30000 hectares of the mountain slopes. This Woodstock wonderland is the desire of all kinds of people, photographers, couples, girlfriends and road trip adventurers, a sight and smell not to be missed and the highlight of any Capetonians Spring calendar.


5. The Wine


>south africa wine


Well, there is always wine tasting in South Africa, nothing beats putting away your favourite fire barrier and red wine class and opting for chilled white in the early spring sun. Get out and about with so many wonderful locations, fruity flavours and pairing options available, a holiday could be planned entirely around all the wine farms to visit while in South Africa.

6. Local Landscape to Scale



South Africa boasts a myriad of scenic features to see and explore; from long glittering coastlines, vast open plains, lush forest, vineyards and even desert. South Africa has it all. At the top of the list is the country’s majestic mountain range which travels hundreds of miles North and South. Table Mountain, Drakensberg, Magaliesberg, Cederberg and Amatola are not just a picturesque backdrop to your South African vacation but also provide an indulgent of activities for outdoor enthusiasts.


7. The Climate



South Africa has perfect weather all year around and boasts one of the better climates the world has to offer – despite being known for being notoriously hot in the summer. Spring provides the perfect weather for the traveler and local alike. Gone are the cold and dark days of winter and no yet are the sweltering days of summer instead there is the perfect marriage of the two providing weather that is warm and breezy, weather that offers an array of sights and smells that make the tv look dull, and relief seem the dream.


8. The South African Sky



Just like the crystal water of SA, there is nothing quite like the clarity of the African sky and the constellation of stars which provide light when the night gets dark. No matter where you are there will always be an array of lights to admire and wish upon. The spring breeze blows the clouds away leaving us with clear skies all season round. The African sky truly leaves us in awe and is one of the most profound and meaningful reasons to visit South Africa.


9. Eight World Heritage Sites


Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, Robben Island, Richtersveld, The Cape Floristic Region, the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, Verde Dome and the Cradle of Mankind are all part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be seen throughout South Africa. These sites are not seasonal and are available all year round. However, they are more enjoyable in the warm breeze season of Spring.


10. History



South Africa is rich and diverse in history just as it is in with its people. With many historical tourist attractions and sites sprinkled throughout the country; places like the Battlefield Route in KwaZulu Natal which boast some of South Africa’s most tragic and violent war history and has the largest concentration of historical battle sites in SA, where infamous battles such as Blood River and The Anglo Boer War were fought. Kimberley’s Big Hole, where the beginning of South Africa’s commercial and mining industry can be traced back. The Nelson Mandela Capture Site in Howick KwaZulu Natal, where Nelson Mandela was caught after an evasion of the Apartheid Government for 18 months, this capture site was the first step to the process of Mandela becoming a world icon for peace and hope.


Hayden Myers | October 4, 2017

My name is Hayden Myers, travel enthusiast and aspiring writer. I’m a born South African with the dream and goal to travel the world and share my adventures. The travel bug began at the age of 10 when I went on my first overseas trip with my family, these trips continued over the past ten years until I took the jump and began travelling alone. Always diarising my travels, it has grown into a passion to give advice to fellow travellers in need of tips, ideas and inspiration.

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