9 Awe-Inspiring Natural Landmarks of Europe
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9 Awe-Inspiring Natural Landmarks of Europe

By , SmarterTravel.com | June 23, 2015

Travel Advice WebsiteEurope calls with an enthralling combination of refined splendor and natural landmarks. Art and architecture rule, as far as tourist attractions in Europe go, especially in cities, but venture into the wilds and you’ll discover the hidden gems that inspire anyone lucky enough to see them.  Here are 9 of these natural landmarks of Europe:

Verdon Gorge, France
Les Gorges du Verdon in France is reminiscent of another famous natural landmark, the Grand Canyon.  Over 250 million years old, this stunning gorge has been shaped by oceans and glaciers.  With crystal clear rivers winding through it, the beauty of this surpasses pictures.

Eisriesenwelt, Austria
Like the cold?  This is the natural landmark in Europe for you.  Eisriesenwelt is the biggest accessible ice cave in the world.  You’ll find yourself memorized by the huge icicles and the luminous surrounding ice.  Bundle up for this tourist attraction because even on the warmest day you will need winter clothing!

As Catedrais Beach, Spain
People come from all over to As Catedrais Beach, to view arches and caves carved out by the tide.  As you wait for the tide to sink, the arches reveal themselves in a spectacular fashion.  Once the tide is low enough you can wander the beach, enjoying this natural landmark created by the arches, which equals if not exceeds anything manmade.

Preikestolen, Norway
Found in the south of Norway, this thin plateau is for those who are looking for a bit of excitement.  Walking to the edge of Preikestolen is awe-inspiring, as you find yourself looking down almost 2,000 to the ground!  Just a two hour hike, this view is one of the most desired in all of Europe.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Sixteen lakes contained between two mountains are what provide Plitvice Lakes National Park with its namesake. This tourist attraction in Europe is separated by dams and surrounded by waterfalls, forests and caves lay these immaculate blue and green lakes.  This is definitely the perfect natural landmark for someone looking to explore nature.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
For five miles along the Atlantic coast of western Ireland, you will find yourself seemingly at the end of the world, The Cliffs of Moher.  Treacherous heights and stunning views are a combination fit for some of the most amazing scenery natural landmarks in Europe have to offer.

Matterhorn, Switzerland and Italy
Shared between Switzerland and Italy, with its pyramid like shape, Matterhorn rises above the surrounding area in glorious wonder.  Having inspired generations of people, the mountain is one you should see for yourself!

Ancient Beech Forests, Germany
Entering Ancient Beech Forests, you are transported to a time where you could literally be the only person in the world.  As the only surviving lowland beech forests, visitors come here for a sense of what Europe must have been like thousands of years earlier.  The green wonderland will sweep you away with its magical feel.

Bigar Waterfall, Romania
This enchanting waterfall is not the tallest nor is it the fastest but it sure is beautiful.  Bigar Waterfall is a gigantic moss covered rock that guides water into cascading streams at its foundation.  This peaceful and captivating natural landmark in Europe is one you should make a priority if you find yourself in Romania.


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