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Spend Less on Travel in Low Currency Countries

Low Currency Countries - Tips to Spend Less on Travel Traveling to a low currency country where everything is so inexpensive is a thrilling experience. For starters, south east Asia has everything the Caribbean does for 60 - 75% less. A luxury suite that goes for $250 a night in the Caribbean cost me just $48 at the Red Coconut on the tropical island of Boracay in the Philippines (breakfast included). ...
2016’s Genius Travel Hacks
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2016’s Genius Travel Hacks

Genius Travel Hacks Here it is! We've compiled 2016's most genius travel hacks and tips. These travel tips and tricks will help make your vacation simpler and more importantly, cheaper! After analyzing over 500 travel articles, we found the most up-to-date, widely shared and useful tips for travelers. Check out the best apps and gadgets to save money and improve your traveling experience. Want more tips ...
7 Fashion Accessories Essential for Fall Travel
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7 Fashion Accessories Essential for Fall Travel

Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Fall Travel Fall consists of beautiful scenery and crisp weather, making it the best time of the year to travel. However, it may not be the easiest season to pack for. Morning are chilly, afternoons are warm, and nights are often a tad cold. How do we cope with the changing weather? Layers! Stock up on these spectacular accessories for fall travel. You will thank ...
Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly
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Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly

Tips for People Who Are Afraid To Fly For most people, a trip to the airport stirs up feelings of excitement and anticipation due to upcoming travel plans or perhaps irritation at the thought of standing in long lines. Unfortunately, for a few unlucky souls, dread is the overwhelming emotion. These people are afraid of flying. If you or someone you love suffers from the fear of flying, here are five tips ...
Things to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling
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Things to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling

Lost While Traveling? Getting lost while traveling in a city or country you’re not familiar with can be very frightening. Luckily, there are some tips on what to do if you don’t know where you are or how to get back to your hotel when you’re traveling. Although we live in a world where GPS is easily accessible, this source may not always help you, especially if you’re in a foreign county. Perhaps you don’t ...
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8 Travel Hacks for Stuff You Forgot to Pack

Forgot to pack an important item for your trip? Forgetting to pack something essential for your trip is something we’ve all gone through. Believe it or not, it has happened to me almost every single time I travel, regardless of how great of a last-minute packer I think I am. Fortunately, sometimes, you can make use of something else as a substitute of what happens to be missing. Sometimes it works, ...
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Why You Should Learn Your Vacation Destination’s Language

Why You Should Learn Your Vacation Destination’s Language Heading abroad this summer? Surely many of you holiday-makers have thought about learning a new language, or even more than one when booking your travels. However, the truth is that most of us lack the time or motivation to achieve a practical, usable enough level. To boost your inspiration, here are some good reasons why you should definitely learn ...
Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks
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Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks

Hide Your Valuables Losing a valuable or getting robbed during a trip can certainly ruin the experience. Many tourist destinations have talented pickpockets, so it’s important to know of the best ways to hide your valuables while traveling. Fortunately, you can keep your things safe with everything from secret underwear compartments to shoes with built-in money slots. Check out these 7 brilliant ways ...
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Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling Getting sick can ruin a trip and ruin it fast! Here are our tips to avoid getting sick on vacation. In order to make sure you have a sick-free vacation, it’s important to be prepared and take preventative measures to help you avoid getting sick while traveling. Getting sick happens unexpectedly, but there are ways to reduce chances. Check out these 11 simple ...
Tips for the Ultimate EDM Vacation
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Tips for the Ultimate EDM Vacation

This original content was written on March 30, 2016 by TheHipmunk Tips for the Ultimate (And Drama-Free) EDM Vacation! So you’ve decided to spend your precious vacation time at raves and EDM festivals. You are undoubtedly in for a blast of epic proportions. Still, it’ll be helpful to employ a few strategies in advance of your trip in order to ensure that things go smoothly—i.e. sans epic meltdowns, lost ...
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