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The Top 10 Best Islands in the World
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The Top 10 Best Islands in the World

World’s Best Islands - Top 13 Dreaming of an island getaway? Get inspired with this list of 13 of our best islands. Thirteen travel enthusiasts had their say on what their best islands are! Here’s the list of the world’s best islands. Add them to your bucket list!

1. Cape Breton Island – Canada Recommended by Alannah McEwan, from Itchy Feet Travel Cape Breton is first on our list of ...
The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase
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The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase

Achieve a Smaller Carry-on - The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase This article is a book excerpt from 300 Healthy Travel Tips available on Apple iBooks and coming soon to the Amazon Kindle and other ebook stores. Learn more at healthytrekking.com.

If you haven’t noticed, airlines are getting smarter, and for us, that’s not always a good thing. Today, airlines operate at an average of 83 ...
The Best 2017 Wedding Destinations Abroad
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The Best 2017 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Wedding Destinations Getting hitched in the UK is lovely, but it always has its downfalls. The weather. Will it rain, even in July? You can guarantee that you’ll have nice weather every day of the month and the day of your wedding it’ll pour it down with rain. To get away from the miserable UK weather, more and more people are choosing to get married abroad in countries like Italy and France. You’re ...
Best New 2017 Travel Apps
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Best New 2017 Travel Apps

Travel Apps 2017 Travel has never been easier in the history of mankind. Technology is one of the best tools we have to travel smarter, better and cheaper. Here are my favorite 2017 Travel Apps that turn your device into a useful travel tool. Consider using these 2017 Travel Apps for your upcoming travels.  1. App in the Air App in the Air is a flight assistant that is ideal for the frequent ...
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7 Travel Myths

Flipping 7 Travel Myths on Their Head Travel is beautiful in so many ways: it offers an opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new people, and open yourself up to a world of adventure that wouldn’t have existed otherwise – and that’s the tip of the iceberg. With that said, there are an incredible amount of misconceptions about travel. There are all sorts of false assumptions floating around that prevent ...
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Travel Like a Local – Tips and Tricks

Travel Like a Local When you’re visiting a new place, it’s easy to stick with the major tourist attractions. After all, there’s a reason they’re so popular. However, there’s more to a destination than the places you see advertised every time you research where to go. If you’d like to have a more authentic experience, here are some tips on how you can travel like a local no matter where you are. 1. Ask the ...
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Take a Trip Around the World – 10 Tips

10 Tips to Take a Trip Around the World 1. Where do you want to go? Airtreks.com and statravel.com have round the world airline tickets (rtw) that offer a choice at least 6 different routes for a trip around the world. They can customize it from a choice of at least 80 cities. You could also buy a rtw ticket from an airline alliance for as low as $3,000, e.g. oneworld.com or the cheapest way is just dyi – ...
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Cheap Winter Getaways

Cheap Winter Getaways Most likely, your last trip cost you five times more than it needed to. Travel is an industry that charges five times the local cost of living. For example, an average hotel goes for $160/night, but a one-bedroom apartment down the street costs $900/month (or $30/night). The hotel costs 5 times as much! Often times, travelers eat out 3 times a day while on vacation, which adds up to ...
Edit Travel Photos – How To
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Edit Travel Photos – How To

How To Edit Travel Photos Most of the time, the amazing scenery that you see with your eyes doesn't get captured by your camera. Pictures just don't do it justice! However, if you can learn how to properly edit your travel photos (don't worry, it's a basic photo editing app,) you can actually capture the beauty of your travel moments. This is a quick tutorial showing an easy app used to edit travel ...
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Traveling to Every Country in the World

Traveling to Every Country Believe it or not, it really isn’t that difficult traveling to every country in the world! Of course, you must have two important things - time and money. You must also have the dedication and desire to make this dream happen. Do you have all of these things? You can make it happen and here’s how: 5 Tips for Traveling to Every Country in the World

1. Research ...
Travel Tips | Travel Advice from Travel Experts

Travel Tips

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