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How To Maximize Your Number of Travel Days

How to Maximize Your Number of Travel Days As do many of us, I have a full time regular job. My job does not include frequent travel, however, I still travel between 30%-50% of the year. I know many of you are wondering how in the world this is possible. In order to travel more, you must maximize your number of travel days to the best of your ability. It is possible and certainly worth it. You may not ...
The Mighty Danube
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The Mighty Danube

The Mighty Danube After receiving an invitation from Avalon Waterways asking me to be the godmother of their new Expression Suite Ship, I was both delighted and honored. I had never christened a ship before! That May ceremony in the small Rhine River town of Koblenz was festive and exciting and will forever remain a very special memory for me. But it was not until late August that I truly enjoyed my ...
5 Key Insights For Epic Travels
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5 Key Insights For Epic Travels

Key Insights for Travel I’ve lived and traveled all around the world. From epic nights of fun in Budapest, Hungary, to roaming the Asia side of Istanbul, a city on two continents, at 3 in the morning with my Turkish friends, to speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’ve had my fair share of adventures. As I write this, I’m more than 38,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean on way to Europe, a continent I ...
5 Tips That Could Save You from a Late Flight
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5 Tips That Could Save You from a Late Flight

5 Late Flight Tips You were so excited to go on this trip that you’ve failed at accomplishing one of the most important factors to ensure a stress-free vacation: being on time for your flight. Check out these tips and resources for what to do when you’re late for your flight. Prior to deciding how exactly to handle such an inconvenience, ask yourself two questions. Is it the Airline’s Fault? If ...
The 9 Streets: Amsterdam
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The 9 Streets: Amsterdam

Over the past ten years, a sophisticated shopping area has emerged along nine alleyways of the Amsterdam canal belt. The area is called "The 9 Streets" and it is brimming with quirky shops, cafes and restaurants. While some chain stores have started to invade, independent brands and local designers have held their ground. Here are some of our favorites: Shops: 1. Denham Men (Runsraat 18)
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Generation Gap: What Your Age Says About How You Travel

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk's Tailwind Blog on March 9, 2016 By Hipmunk Staff For the third year in a row, we polled US travelers of all ages to find out more about the travel habits and trends of the coveted millennials as well as gen Xers and boomers. Last year, we reported that millennial travelers were “cheap, plugged in and always looking for pleasure“. Guess what, not ...
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Make the Most of Your Travel Budget and Do the Improbable

Travel Budget Tips Travel saved my college career. Travel literally turned a boring and mundane college experience into the trip of a lifetime. I got recruited to play baseball at McDaniel College, but got unexpectedly benched. I had a great tryout and made the team, but on the one day the head coach decided to closely evaluate me I had a bad game. This is the kind of coach where his first impression of ...
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8 Important Safety Tips For the Solo Traveler

Solo travel can be a very rewarding experience. You're often more open to unique experiences and meeting new people than if you're traveling with friends and/or family. While this can be a wonderful, enriching adventure, it's important to consider safety since you will be alone. Here are my helpful tips on how the solo traveler can plan a fun AND safe solo trip. Book a hotel instead of an Airbnb. Airbnb ...
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Travel Prep – What Will Make Your Journey Easier

Travel Preparations Patricia Honeycutt Cantor, Special Projects Editor, | February 9, 2016 Packing prep for most travelers, especially those heading to international destinations, usually means a lot of angst over what and how to pack all those clothing and accessories items you think you will need.  But when you look at the big picture, there are even more important things that will make ...
Culture and First Time Travel
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Culture and First Time Travel

First Time Travel - Tips and Advice Bree Allen, Travel Writer | January 21, 2016 Traveling to experience unfamiliar cultures allows for a huge amount of personal growth and a deeper understanding of the true SELF. Foreign cultures widen our perspective, allowing us to gain a new level of understanding and desire to pursue the unknown. However, the journey through this transformative process isn’t always ...
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Travel Tips

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