Europe Travel Tips – Packing Tips for Europe
Europe Packing Tips

Europe Travel Tips – Packing Tips for Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse, beautiful and fascinating places to visit and attracts millions of visitors every year. For Americans, the history of so many of the countries are deeply entwined with their own and it is a calling point for exploration and travel. Each country in Europe, being a very culturally diverse region, naturally requires a different approach to packing. Here are five tips to help decide what to take when travelling to Europe.

1. Smart clothes
Especially in western Europe, and in larger towns and cities, the locals are often impossibly stylish and smart with men in full suits just to run errands and woman with perfect hair, immaculate make up and heels just to go out for a coffee. Of course bring comfortable clothes for lots of walking around sightseeing, but it is also worth packing some smart clothing for eating out in, not only will it make you feel more like a local but it’s often fun to dress up and head out for dinner, especially on holiday.

2. Layers
If you are traveling around the climates can vary dramatically in Europe, to avoid having to pack bulky heavy clothes bring plenty of layers, that way you can layer up in colder countries and strip down in warmer ones. Being able to wear the same clothes in all temperatures will help reduce your packing!

3. Phrase books
In capital cities you usually won’t struggle too much to find locals who speak English but when traveling in more rural places or off the beaten track areas it can help to have a few words under your belt. Carrying a multi-language European phrase book will, at the very least, allow you too point at the words you need to communicate when necessary.

4. Adapters
European plugs are different to American ones so remember to bring an adapter, it is worth bringing multiple adapters if there are several of you or if you travel with multiple electronic items (phone, laptop, kindle, camera etc) so you can charge them all at the same time.5. A secure day bag
Although for the most part a safe place to travel, popular spots for visitors in Europe are a haven for pickpockets and they are very skilled! A bag you can carry under your arm with a secure zip and internal zipped pockets will limit the risk of falling prey to these nuisances.

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