The Surefire Way to Spot Bedbugs in a Hotel Room
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The Surefire Way to Spot Bedbugs in a Hotel Room

Caroline Morse, | January 15, 2016

Travel Advice and TipsFew things are as bad as bedbugs. These microscopic creatures can instantly ruin your vacation and cause you serious financial and mental trouble after the fact.

As soon as you arrive at your hotel room, drop your suitcase in a safe location such as the bathroom where tile surfaces make it hard for bedbugs to hide. If they came in on a previous traveler’s suitcase, bedbugs could be lurking on the luggage rack so don’t use it.

After setting your luggage down, thoroughly examine the bed. Strip the bedding off completely. Use your smartphone’s flashlight app to inspect the bare mattress closely. Be sure to check around the seams on all four corners and the box spring and headboard.

Now for the surefire way to spot bedbugs: don’t check for the actual bugs, but for evidence on their presence. Small, dark blood from their excrement will let you know for sure. And yes, disgusting. Don’t stop at the bed–check all of the room’s furniture and framed art. If you do find evidence of bedbugs, immediately get your stuff from the bathroom and request a new room. Bedbugs can travel between rooms, so don’t stay next door either.

Avoid bringing bedbugs home as a souvenir by washing all of your clothing in hot water right away. Vacuum your suitcase and store it in a large plastic  bag to be extra safe. You don’t want bedbugs taking over your home.

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