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John Golicz’s Tips on Tech and Travel speaks with Executive Editor, John Golicz about the latest tips on tech and travel.

There are so many new apps coming out that make travel a lot easier than it was even five years ago. For instance, one of Golicz’s favorite apps is from This app allows you to just show up in any city, search a hotel and get a guaranteed room at a discounted rate at the drop of a dime. So let’s say you and your friends are in Amsterdam, and you decide you want to go to Rotterdam for the night. Well now you can, without the hassle of pre-planning. This app allows you to have freedom while traveling, and is perfect for the traveler who likes to wing it. Other apps mentioned by Golicz include Uber and OpenTable.

Outside of these apps, Golicz suggests you take an old fashioned walking tour to help you get acclimated to the city. You can schedule a tour on sites, such as Go Ahead Tours, and select a guide who speaks your language and will show you the ropes of the city and introduce you to hidden gems you will want to go back and visit on your own time.

Another option is to pre-download an audio tour guide, like the ones from Rick Steves. He will give you a complete walking tour of a city, and all you have to do is listen and experience.

With all of the apps out there, be sure to have them pre-downloaded and have a basic understanding on how they work. With today’s technology, nothing is impossible when it comes to finding adventures and exploring new places.

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